Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Will it ever end?  We are approximately 28 days away from the first day of summer, so why is it cold and rainy outside?  Welcome to Nebraska, right?

Despite the somewhat icky weather, you can still enjoy time outdoors with your family.  Most schools are out by now (I said most), so take the opportunity to pull your kids away from the screens and move it outside!

Wet weather is a great time for mud play!  If you’ve got a space in your yard that you don’t mind getting messy or if you’ve got a pasture that’s already muddy (I know there are lots of agriculturally-minded families out there), encourage your kids, big and small, to dig in!  Kitchen utensils are great tools to use in mud play and can be purchased for cheap at the local dollar store if you don’t have extras to spare.


Another nice thing about mud play is once the kids are done, you can just hose them off and give them a towel.  Voila!

Option 2 for a rainy day is to explore the creatures that enjoy this type of weather.  What might you see on a wet day?  Most likely worms will be out in droves, which is beneficial if you’ve got a good fishing spot nearby.  Otherwise, they are just plain fun to observe.  Where are they going?  Why do they like the moisture?  What kinds of animals eat worms?  All these questions can be answered using books, or Google if you need the answer quickly.  What other questions do your children have about rainy day creatures?


So you see, even less than desirable weather can be fun!  Grab your raincoats and boots and get out there!



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