Show Me Your Shine

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of presenting my “Full STEAM Ahead” workshop at the Family Child Care Professionals of South Dakota’s Annual Conference.  First of all, the venue was beautiful!  Secondly, there were so many great people there and we had a blast.

Shine Conference 4

I was able to work with a group of providers on implementing STEAM into their classroom, center or home.

Shine Conference

After my presentation, I was able to attend other presentations to learn what others had to say about various topics in Early Childhood.  The main speaker for the conference was Teacher Tom.  If you have never heard of him, I encourage you to check out his blog. 

He teaches preschool in Seattle, WA and really has some great insight into the profession.  He is a huge supporter and practitioner of play-based education.  Here are some highlights that I gathered from listening to him speak.

Shine Conference Teacher Tom

  • Education is not the filling of an empty vessel.  It is the igniting of a flame.
  • What is play? — freely chosen activity; open-ended; the way the human animal answers its own questions
  • Play is SCIENCE!  “Play is the highest form of research” – Einstein
  • It is impossible to talk about play without talking about risk.
  • Children are designed to learn through their injuries.
  • Play is how we learn the connection between perseverance, failure and success.
  • In play-based education, failing is the only thing done.  Once you succeed, you’re done.  The success is meaningless.  It’s the process that is important.
  • An obedient child is not a thinking child.
  • Let your feelings flourish and get on with your life of doing.


Have you ever heard of play-based education?  Do you think it is something children should be doing?




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