Reggio-Inspired Learning Spaces


Florence 1

So, back in March, a few of my colleagues and I had the opportunity to participate in a study tour overseas in Italy.  We got an in-depth look at the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood education.  I put together a powerpoint on some of the highlights of our trip as well as some of the main points that stuck out to me.  The powerpoint was a presentation I did for some of my board members and colleagues, but I’ll share a few things in this post.

A few main ideas I took away from this approach: 

✤Role of centers is to produce a culture of education, not just to offer educational services

✤Children have rights

✤A child does not exist without a family (all types)

✤Social connections are built through the schools

✤The spaces in the schools encourage children to become protagonists of the space and display their learning

✤Friendships are nurtured in the schools

✤”Doing things takes as long as it takes”

✤There is value in each person and in teamwork

✤Children possess “a hundred languages”….


Another one of my professional goals was to gain insight into how Reggio education connects to nature  and STEM education.  Here is a glimpse into some of what I saw.

Reggio Emilia Presentation_Page_07


Reggio Emilia Presentation_Page_12

Reggio Emilia Presentation_Page_15

Reggio Emilia Presentation_Page_19

Reggio Emilia Presentation_Page_22

Reggio Emilia Presentation_Page_28

Reggio Emilia Presentation_Page_39

Reggio Emilia Presentation_Page_42

Reggio Emilia Presentation_Page_50

Reggio Emilia Presentation_Page_51

All of these slides from my presentation are my own interpretations and are by no means the “final word” on this approach.   I continue to further my own education on this approach and how I can use it in my service area.  If you have questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!  Email me at



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