Spring Showers….

In order to have those beautiful Spring flowers, we have to put up with RAIN.  Fortunately, rain is a really cool and fun thing.  Watching lightning across the sky and listening to raindrops on the roof can be very soothing.  Unfortunately though, kids often get stuck inside when the weather is “less than ideal”.  What if we shake things up a little and….wait for it…..encourage them to play in the rain?!


Sure!  As long as it’s not a crazy storm, rain can be an awesome nature experience.  C’mon, you know you’ve played in the rain at least once in your life.  So put on your rain boots and poncho and head outside!

But what are we supposed to do?  Just stand in the rain?


Here are Ten Rainy Day Activities for Kids (taken from Community Playthings):

  1. Jump in Puddles
  2. Become Meteorologists
  3. Experiment with Rain Art
  4. Make Rain Music
  5. Float Boats
  6. Feel the Rain
  7. Smell the Rain
  8. Play in the Mud
  9. Go on a Worm Hunt
  10. Look for the Rainbow

Check out their website and the details of each activity  here.

Notice all of the activities involve using your 5 senses!  Children are natural scientists that use their 5 senses to navigate the world around them.  Playing in the rain is a wonderful sensory activity that is easy and cheap!

So, the next time it is a little gloomy outside, don’t fret.  Get your rain gear on and Think Outside!




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