You aren’t creative.

Any time I work with adults, whether it be in a training or some type of professional development class, I hear the same thing when they are asked to draw or color something.

“I can’t do this.”

“My drawing is terrible!”

“Hopefully stick figures are ok.”

“I am the worst artist!”


However, when I ask children to draw something for me, I hear quite the opposite.

“Look at what I drew!”

“This is my favorite picture!”

“I can’t wait to show this to my mom!”

“I used my favorite color to draw {insert object}.”


What is different?  At what point in our journey to adulthood do we decide that we are void of creativity?  Is this even a valid question?


I recently read an article about fostering creativity in children through play.  But, how do we continue to foster that creativity in adulthood?  The key is to VALUE creativity.  As parents and educators, we need to express to children that we value their ideas and creations.  Take a look at this scribble-scrabble.

Arte abstracto
Arte abstracto

At first glance, what does it look like?  A mess, right?  But take a look at the caption underneath.  “Arte abstracto”.  Abstract Art.  Now, after reading that, what can you see?  A masterpiece?  Your view of this scribble might have changed a little bit.  Part of what we need to do to maintain our creativity confidence is change our view.  Instead, view the things we create and the ideas we have as VALUABLE.  This is a concept for all ages.

So, what does this have to do with anything?  The fact is, we need creative people in our world.  We need new ideas.  We need movers and shakers.  We have to stop criticizing children and adults for being different or being “weird”.  Encourage your children and your students to think outside the box.  You never know, you might re-discover your own creativity through the eyes of a child.


Take 20 minutes to watch the TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson about creativity.  By the way, he is quite funny, so you will be both enlightened and entertained.


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