Merry Christmas Little Spider!

So, as you may know, tarantulas have some interesting adaptations that help them to survive in the wild.  Sometimes, they even exhibit those adaptations in captivity.

Mexican Fireleg Tarantulas, in particular, can and will “throw” their hairs.  Wait, what??

“Many tarantula species use their legs to flick special hairs, called urticating hairs, off their abdomens when disturbed. These hairs are barbed and lodge in the eyes and mucous membranes of would-be attackers, causing great discomfort and irritation. Tarantulas from Asia and Africa do not have urticating hairs, so they have to use more aggressive posturing when threatened.” 

A few days ago, I was attempting to feed Aragog (that’s her name), and she actually started kicking hairs at the cricket!  Check out this video, but wait until the end to see the hair-kicking!


Pretty cool, huh?


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