Citizen Science

Are there any scientists out there?  Even if you don’t wear a lab coat to work, you can still be a scientist.  Even if you don’t have a Ph.D, you can still be a scientist.  Even if you are in elementary school, you can still be a scientist!  How, do you ask?  Well, citizen scientists are becoming more and more important to the world of scientific studies.  Citizen scientists are regular citizens who want to participate in studies around the country to help “real” scientists gather and record data.  The great thing is that kids of all ages can get involved with this.  The greatest thing is that families can work together to make a difference doing something really fun!  There are many organizations that host Citizen Science Projects that you can get on board with at any time. The National Wildlife Federation is a great resource for finding out about different projects and getting started.


One project involves tagging and monitoring Monarch Butterflies!


It’s a little short notice, but tomorrow (8/21/2015) UNL’s Entomology (bugs) Department is hosting an orientation for those interested in joining a Nebraska Citizen Science Chapter.  If you or anyone you know are going to be in Lincoln tomorrow, check this out!!

Find out more information on UNL’s Nebraska Chapter here.

One more great resource is this book!  Pick it up at your local bookstore or online! (P.S. Ponca State Park has been known to have copies for purchase as well.)

Citizen Scientists Book



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