Staring into Space…


I’m just as guilty.  I use my phone, my tablet, my computer and my TV every single day.  Religiously.  And maybe it’s even worse for me because I’m a promoter of nature education!  I admit that it’s hard to spend time outside, especially in the summer when the heat indices are upwards of 100 degrees.  I have learned to deeply appreciate shade!

The bottom line is that we NEED the outdoors.  We need the fresh air, the scenic views, and the ever-changing smells.  I live out in a rural community kind of close to a dairy, so on any given day, I might smell the pungent aroma of dairy cows (and their poop) or the sweet smell of pollinating corn.  I might even smell rain as it moves across the fields.  All of these things become familiar and I find it unsettling when I don’t smell them.

I’ve also utilized the giant window in my office several times.  It looks out onto test plots, but I still see trees and sunshine.  Yesterday, I was having major writer’s block and I just went to the window and stared.  I saw a tractor making its way down one of the gravel roads and my mind started to wander as I imagined what it might be up to at the moment.  I don’t know how long I stood there, but I immediately felt relaxed and at peace.

Even if it’s hot outside and you’d rather just sit inside with air conditioning, take a few moments out of your day to appreciate the beauty of nature and I bet it will bring a little peace to your day.  You never know, you may be inspired to spend more than just a few moments staring out of a window….


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